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If you are experiencing 2 or more of these challenges, we should have a quick call.

I can't connect with my web provider.

Frustrated by the lack of connection with your web provider? Endless waiting, unanswered calls, and unresolved issues can leave you feeling neglected and powerless.


Updates are not completed in a timely manner

Despite contacting my web provider, the updates remain unfinished. Timely completion is crucial for optimal website performance and user experience. Swift resolution is necessary for effective online presence.


My mobile site is awful

A slow or non-responsive mobile site can harm business by lowering search engine rankings, increasing bounce rates, and frustrating customers, leading to lost sales opportunities and decreased customer trust.


I'm too busy to update my website as much as I should

Our team handles the updates, allowing you to focus on running your business efficiently. Leave the SEO work to us for optimal online visibility and growth.


My website does not reflect my business, today

As your business evolves, your website may become outdated, leading to lost opportunities. Update your website regularly to reflect your current offerings and stay relevant in the market.


My website is outdated

If your website feels outdated and stale, it can hurt your SEO rankings and turn away potential customers seeking fresh, engaging content. Refresh your site regularly to stay relevant.


Get a new website without taking

Up all your Time

We will custom build a hardworking new website affordably. 

A website that gets you visitors & leads that you can convert to sales, while taking very little of your time.   

Step 1. Project Starts

As a devoted Canadian team, we uphold a legacy of consistent excellence. Our A+ Better Business Bureau accreditation and multiple awards affirm our unwavering dedication.

Discuss your goals with us, and we will devise a powerful strategy, ready for your endorsement

Step 2. We Build your Draft Site

With your input, we transform your vision into a concrete, effective plan. As soon as you give the green light, we enact it to realize your digital goals. Clients across Canada attest to our exceptional service and superior outcomes. Let us bolster your business with a commanding online presence that guarantees success.

Step 3. GO LIVE!

Your feedback fuels our quest for perfection. We meticulously refine your website, ensuring it stands out and operates flawlessly. Once launched, your site serves as a magnet for potential clients, drawing attention and fostering valuable engagement. Rely on us to magnify your digital presence, placing your brand prominently within your field!



UX Design

USER EXPERIENCE is a powerful tool in website design.  This works directly with our SEO to convert more visitors to customers.

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Brand Identity

New business or established business all benefit from a strong brand identity.  We will work with you to determine the brand image you want to portray.

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Web Design

Whether you have an older website that needs updating or tired of D.I.Y. platforms, we will take very little of your time to design a hardworking converting website – affordably.

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Business Strategy

We work with you to convey your online strategy within your new or refreshed website.  Our SEO campaigns are a great way to market your strategy.

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SEO Marketing

SEO Online marketing will increase your website traffic by allowing prospective customers to see your site on page one of Google by using our Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

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Ecommerce Solutions

There are many reasons for a business to have a website, some are for information only, and others for selling products and services.  Whatever your website purpose, we will help visitors convert.

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You’ve Never Had A Digital Marketing Experience Like A Webmax Experience

Digital marketing in Canada is an ever-evolving industry, with more and more businesses realizing the importance of prioritizing successful conversions and developing a credible differential advantage online. With experts becoming highly sought-after, Webmax Marketing is leading the way and can boost your business in more ways than one.

We run a digital marketing company unlike any other because we know how unique every brand is, and we make it a priority to provide a personalized service to every customer because no two businesses are the same. Whether you need digital marketing solutions in Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga, Ottawa, or Toronto, we are the ideal digital marketing agency in Canada for you!

Here’s Why Webmax Marketing Is Canada’s Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Besides our expertise in digital marketing, including SEO, SEM, and website development, we go out of our way to ensure every one of our clients is beyond satisfied with the services they receive from us. Our clients are met with exceptional service from the first consultation with our friendly staff, and the entire process emphasizes a quick response, explanation, and continuous availability so our clients are always in the loop and have a complete understanding of their projects.

We take the time to listen to what you want to achieve with your business’ digital marketing, and we ensure to highlight your brand at every stage of your project’s development.

Ultimately, we want to help you reach your business goals!

Get The Results You Want

Nothing says “job well done” quite like exceptional results, and that is precisely what we strive for. As a leading internet marketing company in Toronto, Canada, we’re an agency that delivers results that far exceed expectations. Whether you run a start-up business and need a professional website or want to boost your online visibility and recognition with expert search engine optimization, our team can help you!

So, if you really want to get the results you want, our Canadian digital marketing agency is the place for you! Don’t waste your time, energy, and money relying on freelancers or free digital platforms to get your brand out there. Instead, come and sit with one of our digital marketing consultants, and let’s discuss how our expertise can help you reach your digital lead generation goals.

So, if you’re looking for professional and result-driven online marketing and digital marketing companies in Canada, look no further! Give us a call to schedule the only digital marketing consultation you will ever need. Webmax Marketing is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to become a business leader.

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Harris Auto Spa
Nowik Mortgage Brokers
Collaborative CPA
Belles Haircare Boutique Salon
Vandine Construction
Sons of Electric
Belles Haircare Boutique Salon
Vandine Construction
Sons of Electric

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems All OVER CANADA

Your website should be a window into your business that prospective customers will want to call and results in a sale.  We get you there, affordably.
Your website needs to be more than it was a year ago.  Today it needs to work hard online.  Many of our clients say having us in their tool-belt is like having an extra crew working building business for them and helping their customers in Calgary, Vancouver, Mississauga, Ottawa, Toronto Canada

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