When it comes to creating effective digital marketing content and campaigns, combined effort is essential. It’s not enough to approach a digital marketing agency in Canada and ask for miracles (even if agencies promise to produce them). The key is in providing as much relevant information as possible for the agency to work from. This information can be conveyed through a detailed briefing document, which should answer most prospective questions and provide insight into what your business offers. So, what does a good brief consist of? Here are the main ingredients.

Ingredient #1 – A Detailed List Of Goals You Wish To Achieve With Content And Campaigns

The most important element of a brief is establishing what you intend to achieve with each campaign. The goals can relate to communication, marketing and business growth. What the agency does next will be informed by whether you want to increase traffic to your platforms or boost conversion rates, for example.

Ingredient #2 – An Original Story That Speaks To Your Unique Brand

Identify what your business story is. It could be where it started, what it’s contributing to its industry, or even the conversations it starts and participates in within the social sphere. Perhaps you’re a family business operating in a busy city and creating jobs for locals? Or a huge corporation with an interest in social issues? Whatever it is, your story matters.

Ingredient #3 – Background Information And References That Are Relevant To Your Industry

Nobody is better placed than you to provide perspective on how your industry works. This inside information gives an edge to campaigns and content that would otherwise be lacking in depth.

Ingredient #4 – Be Clear About The Tone Your Company Uses To Communicate

Your company’s voice must stay consistent across communication platforms. Not only does it help to build the brand, but it also provides a common framework to work from, no matter who is strategizing, planning, or creating.

See? It’s not so complicated. Providing a brief is about clarifying what exactly you expect from the agency you’re working with. It enables the agency to meet and surpass these expectations by using the briefing document as a reference throughout. If you’re looking for a reputable digital marketing company in Canada, you’re at the right place. Call us today.

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