In a world where sales and promotions are continuously being pushed onto a consumer; how do you know whether you are getting the deal of the century or you have been taken as the fool of the century? Canadian eCommerce experts have revealed some of the tell-tale signs of a legitimate versus illegitimate online stores to better equip you with your future purchases.

That URL Padlock Does Not Mean That The Site Should Be Trusted:

The same mistake seems to be reinforced time and time again. ‘Only trust encrypted websites’. Nowadays that little padlock on the top left-hand side of the URL has instilled a pseudo sense of security. The fact of the matter is that the padlock no longer guarantees informational privacy as it once had. Sites like ‘Let’s Encrypt’ allow sites to obtain a safety security certificate for a nominal fee. This, in turn, leads unaware consumers to believe that the site they have entered has undergone a stringent privacy certification process.

Find And Review Privacy And Return Policies:

We have all made the mistake of accepting cookies and privacy policies without reading the content. These notices however, are ‘contracts’ as such, often giving the website permission to share your personal information to a third party. By fully understanding the policies you are agreeing to, you not only equip yourself against credit card fraud but will be fully aware of where your information shall ultimately end up being sold to. Another easy way to spot a scam from a bargain is to review the returns policy. It is important to understand your rights as a consumer and the terms that you have ultimately agreed to. Being able to return a defected item or request a change in size is a consumer right, so keep this in mind before purchasing from an eCommerce store.

Check Your Bank Statements To Ensure No Unauthorized Transactions Are Debited

Many consumers now days choose to limit the communication they receive from their banks. This unfortunately has allowed for scam artists to monopolize on transactions under $10, knowing full well that you shall not receive a text message informing you of a transaction. Be mindful of your spending and query any transaction you are not familiar with.

If It Looks Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Items that are significantly lower in costs compared to similar eCommerce sites should be your first red flag. It is suggested that you do your research on an unknown site. Many forums shall provide clarity as to whether a customer had been scammed or taken advantage of. The internet is your greatest tool, make sure that you equip yourself in every respect before making a purchase that seems out of this world.

At the end of the day, online retail stores may come across as intimidating, it is always a scary process having to hand over information which may ultimately result in a negative consequence. It is important to do your research, be mindful of your transactions as well as keeping note of all policies and receipts.

At Webmax Marketing we aim to provide consumers with secure and trustworthy websites that are fully vetted prior to you divulging your information. Should you wish to be a part of our trusted group of Ecommerce sites which provides peace of mind to your consumers, feel free to contact us.

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