Why do businesses have websites? So, businesses can showcase their services and expertise for consumers to confidently choose their offering over the competition! Whether it’s recruitment or revenue, a website can be your most potent sale and marketing tool. If you’re hoping to increase your website conversions, you will need the right content in the right places.

Here we are looking at the most common types of e-commerce website goals and what you should be doing to achieve them.

E-commerce Web Design Goals

When you are coming up with your website goals, they should ideally line up with your business goals – and there’s no question that all e-commerce sites should have a goal. CTA buttons, copy, imagery, and page layouts are all influenced by the goal that you have for this content. No goal equals mass confusion for your potential customers.

When a web design company constructs your site, conversions are considered at every step. The first deliverable is always a sitemap. This is because it demonstrates the structure of the website, and a plan for the kind of content and messaging a visitor will encounter as they browse the site page by page – and where they will be directed next.

Here are the most common e-commerce website goals:

  • View specific mid-funnel content
  • Fill out a job application
  • Provide an email address in exchange for gated content
  • Click to call, email, or get driving directions
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Get a quote
  • Book a demo or trial

However, it is infrequent for a consumer to head to a conversion directly from social media, email or search results. An online visitor searching for a product, whether its for personal use or on behalf of another business, will conduct research. Before they complete one of the goals listed above, exploratory actions will be taken. This may include looking for more in-depth information about your work, learning about your business’s culture and history, or reading a case study.

This is where thoughtful web design will come into play – to ensure that possible clients find this content and are led to the next step to conversion.

How To Increase Your Conversions With Each Page

To drive more conversions on your website, four core pages will get the job done. Tragically, these are the pages that often receive the least attention and care during content planning and additions while having the most potential to move a user closer to your goals.

Here is a list of these four key pages and how to optimize them:

  • Be persuasive with a Process Page
  • Win consumers over with a ‘Why Choose Us’ Page
  • Leave no further questions with your FAQs
  • Put effort into your About Page

Once you’ve identified your website’s conversion goals, we are ready and willing to make your goals a reality with your e-commerce website design. Contact our team of professional designers today at Webmax Marketing and reach your goals before you know it.

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