Thanks to today’s digital climate, nearly all retail growth is guided by eCommerce – a trend that has shown no signs of disappearing anytime soon. Revered brands like Amazon understand the importance of following the best professional website design practices. A stellar platform will result in a positive viewer experience which is the ultimate goal. For your brand to deliver the same customer experience through your business website, there are certain requirements that need to be met.

Go Through This Checklist And See How Many Ticks You Get

To help you prepare review your eCommerce website, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist to ensure that your already established site actually meets the high standard of any top notch, successful site of this nature. Your eCommerce web design, and the website as a whole, should include, or be, the following:

  1. Ensure your website is responsive
  2. The checkout button must always be clearly visible
  3. The cart icon must be on every page
  4. The search bar must be prominent on each page
  5. Clear navigation menus should be present
  6. Contact information should be clearly displayed on each web page
  7. Keep your consumers’ trust with web pages that feature:
  • Return policy
  • Delivery information
  • Privacy policy
  • “Why Shop with Us”
  • Customer testimonials
  1. Show your logos
  2. Prominent calls to action should be visible throughout each page
  3. Have photography placed within the page design that appeals to viewers’ emotions
  4. Include “Recommended for you”, “Featured product” and “Top selling”
  5. Use imagery to support calls to action and “Top sellers”
  6. Have category introductions
  7. Show stock availability
  8. Have sorting and filtering functions
  9. Highlight customer favorites or bestsellers
  10. Include customer review ratings
  11. Display customer testimonials
  12. Have a prominent “Buy” or “Add to basket” button – make it easy to update cart items
  13. Feature an “Add to wishlist” button
  14. Have a “You may also like” feature
  15. Short and to the point product descriptions
  16. Product photos must feature different angles
  17. Include video demonstrations
  18. Display an estimated delivery time and a tracking option
  19. Reveal the delivery options
  20. Use tabs for products that have a lot of detail
  21. Show all fees upfront
  22. Include a “Return to shop” link
  23. Offer various payment options
  24. Display security badges

Did You Tick All Of The Above Boxes?

With this checklist in hand, you will be able to discern whether your eCommerce website is helping or hurting your business. And if it’s hurting, your website and web design therein needs healing of the technological tweaking kind.

Our Web Designs Gets 100% Ticks!  

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