SEO services continue to become grander and greater with the evolution of the digital world. However, small business owners need to arm themselves with the knowledge and power which allows them to avoid getting sucked in by big SEO companies who promise the world but don’t deliver, to be able to make the right decisions on SEO strategies to implement and which SEO company they can trust to do what they say they will.

Don’t Be Fooled By Big SEO Offerings

While it might be tempting for small business owners to taste the big results promised by corporate SEO companies, it’s important that they’re not convinced and lured into purchasing these grand packages which typically suit big budgets.

Small business owners wouldn’t purchase 10 uniforms for a staff complement of three employees, so why should they spend money on small business SEO services they don’t need? The trick here is to know what is needed and what is not to keep within set budgets, and not be persuaded to spend more on unnecessary SEO services.

For small businesses, suitable SEO services would generally include an SEO audit; keyword popularity analysis; full SEO strategy; a mobile-friendly, well-structured website; audience-targeted content creation, optimisation and marketing; Google Adwords Setup; monthly progress reporting and Google analysis setup.

These services, along with business citation links, backlink building, meta tag and schema optimation, generally fall under a local SEO package. These effective local packages are suitable for small businesses, unlike regional packages, and optimise websites to the local area of the city where the business is located. They deliver on results relevant to small business growth and don’t leave business owners at a financial loss because they’re paying to have their website show up in front of an audience who won’t or even can’t realistically use their services.

With this in mind, don’t be fooled by regional packages and other SEO services which boast convoluted names, high ROI and stats and hefty price tags. As a small business, these advanced SEO services are not needed. Simply stick to local and basic SEO offerings, as it’s inexpensive and highly effective. Once business growth is experienced, and the move from small business to big corporate happens, then consider more advanced, regional packages. Best of all, with the money you’re saving, you can start to consider alternatives to SEO like a Facebook Advertising or Google Ads campaign, or even a lead generation service.

How To Choose The Right SEO Provider

Small business owners who lack the time and skills to do their own SEO and want to assign the task to professionals need to factor in some considerations. When choosing the right SEO provider, check how many years they have worked in the industry as well as their experience by asking them for case studies and proven results. Make sure to ask them to provide a three-month action plan and to provide explanations on how they plan to track the progress of the SEO services. Inquire about contracts and our advice is to steer clear of long-term contracts. Confident SEO companies don’t require long-term commitments but rather month-to-month or short-term contracts because they’re that confident that they’ll blow you away with the results they provide.

The Right Marketing Approach At the Right Time

In general, any form of SEO is beneficial for most small businesses, but the question becomes whether or not the SEO services are a good fit for owners’ business requirements at that moment in time. To ascertain whether or not SEO is the right marketing approach at a particular time, small business owners are encouraged to consider their budget and timeframe of SEO performance to determine the optimal time to introduce these services. Big SEO companies will convince all small business owners that any time is the right time. However, companies which offer small business SEO services will argue otherwise and work with the business owner to understand the best time for the best results.

Armed With Knowledge, Make Contact

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