When blogging first became popularised in 2009, it was ranked as one of the best ways to improve your SEO efforts. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is absolutely vital in getting your website to be seen by clients online. Things have changed somewhat since then with regards to what Google looks for in terms of SEO and blogging. Blogs are still a great way of appearing in the listings, but you need to consider the following advice.

  • Content Is King

Your blog’s content has to be relevant and to the point. Google knows what high-quality content is, so you can’t get away with keyword filled rubbish in the hopes that it ranks well on search engines. Blog about relevant topics, make sure that your sources are reputable, and don’t waffle.

  • Make Your Blog User-Friendly

A blog is an insight to your company. It attracts people and keeps them looking at your site for longer than if you had a site only listing your products. Google knows this. The longer a person stays on your website and its pages, the better your ranking on Google becomes. So a friendly, readable blog that’s easy to navigate will attract more people, and make them stay longer.

  • Keywords Are Still Key

Keywords are still very much at play when it comes to getting visits to your site. Broader based keywords can lead to hundreds of hits, but long-tail and location-based keywords can narrow down your target market. For example, if you were a website SEO services provider in Montreal, you would have a much better chance of getting hits with your blog that incorporates these specific keywords. Be sure to do the research, and use long-tail keywords to your advantage.

  • Backlinks And Internal Links

The other thing that Google loves is links. Backlinks are important and can be acquired by other sites linking back to your site. A blog is a great way to do this. Have a great blog that becomes an expert on your particular niche, and people will backlink to it on their sites. Internal links are a good way of boosting your SEO too. Link back to your own site on your blog.

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Follow these tips and your blog will boost your SEO success.

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