So, you’ve realized the importance of digital marketing and you’re onto the next step – finding the right digital marketing consultant & internet marketing in Canada. We have compiled the most perceptive questions to ask during your consultation with an agent before hiring them. And it’s important you ask questions and put them to the test to ensure they’re A+ quality and not a fail.

  1. How experienced Are You In My Industry?

Digital marketing consultants should have at least some experience with a variety of industries. Most important, of course, is knowing that they know about the industry that you work within. This isn’t to say that they need to be an expert, but you don’t want someone in your corner that is great at digital marketing but clueless about your field of business and what digital marketing tools and tactics are suitable for your industry sector.

  1. Do You Have Case Studies In My Industry?

When hiring someone onto your team, you will typically ask for references. The same goes for this situation, no matter how good their resume is, it is good to take to people that they have worked with or at least see samples of work they have done in the past. More specifically, ask about case studies with clients similar to yours. There’s no use in seeing references to a fast food business when you’re in shoe sales.

  1. How Will You Optimize Content For My Business?

When you bring a digital marketing consultant on board, the assumption is that they are going to improve your content. This is fair because that’s what they’re there for. However, it’s a rule of thumb that we shouldn’t assume, so instead find out more about how they would optimize your specific content. Ask them what their plan of action is according to what they know about your business, products and services. A professional consultant will know how to optimize your existing content as well as new content and how optimization of content should be done within within a larger industry context.

  1. Do You Have Experience With Online Sales Relevant To My Products/Services?

Are they familiar with core work? Does their experience mean that they can offer industry insights about product development? This is not technically one of the requirements for a digital marketing consultant, however, it is the mark of an invaluable addition to your marketing team. For instance, if you decide to expand your product offerings, your consultant will have the know-how to adapt instantly.

These questions offer a starting point to your decision. Depending on the consultant’s answers, you will be able to make a decision that is best for your brand.

Now Here’s A Question For You Reading This…

Now, it’s time for you to answer a question. Are you ready to find the right digital marketing consultant for you? We at Webmax Marketing already have the right answers for any question you may throw at us. Contact Digital Marketing Agency Canada right away and let’s participate in a Q & A session. You’ll see, we’ll pass your test with flying marketing colours and you’ll soon be making us the digital marketing arm of your business.

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