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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is the practice of optimizing a web page to land on page one of a SERP, Search Engine Results Page, for a given keyword.

Ranking on page one has it’s benefits, it will certainly increase the number of eyeballs on your website.  It can also assist in more clicks within your website and possibly revenue generating activity.

There are many factors that go into good White Hat SEO, they include,

  • The right keyword research.  Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of good SEO.
  • Optimizing Meta tags, optimizing meta tags, this includes meta descriptions and image tags that match the searchers expectation.
  • Business Citations, NAP, Name Address Phone, these are important to be consistent so search engines are not confused by different information like wrong phone number because it changed and you forgot to update.
  • Reporting, analytics on your website traffic is paramount to understanding how the SEO program is performing and finding areas to improve.

When a keyword for a product is searched, the landing page analytics will report that as an “organic” search result.  Whereas a search for a specific URL or website is called a “direct” search result.  We maximize the organic search results of a given keyword, so you land on the first page.

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