The first few seconds that an internet user clicks onto your website are the most important. This is when you either capture their attention or lose it to the next url on the search engine ranking list. Not only do you have to capture your audience’s attention at first glance, you also have to retain it beyond that. Good web design and development are the keys to achieving this. But what can you do in this regards to get results that translate to ka-ching? We share some of our top pointers.

1) Ensure that the Site is User-Friendly, Even After you Update It

One of the top elements that contribute to how search engines rank websites is usability. The layout, speed and content on your site must make it easy to follow for the audience.

2) More Refined Brand Logos Make the Audience Take You Seriously

Big brands such as Uber have been making slight changes to their logos to make them look more mature. Changing the font or colour on your brand can refine the look associated with you so that potential customers get a good impression of you right off the bat.

3) Explore Various Coding Options So That You Use the Best One for Each Project

There’s more than one way to code and, although you might have a favourite, variety is your friend. If you’re not proficient in the coding that you need, you can always rope in web development professionals to get the job done correctly.

4) Focus on Solid, Continuous Storytelling Throughout the Site

Remember that your website is the client’s window into your business. Make sure you put your best foot forward where storytelling is concerned. From the web content to blogs, images, and graphics – it must all tie in to tell a streamlined story.

5) Make Sure that Each Website Is Sufficiently Secured

Security is a key component of gaining the trust of internet users. Scan your site’s security before you go live to ensure that it will be safe for use. If anything is flagged, ensure that it’s fixed beforehand.

6) Get Rid of Any Content that Clutters the Website

There’s nothing wrong with leaving a little space so that you can guide a visitor’s navigation experience. You don’t have to fill up every bit of open space, as this can cause confusion or put off potential clients.

A reliable web development company will know how to incorporate all these best practiceS and more when putting together a business website. Looking for one near you? Contact Webmax Marketing today for Professional Web Design Services.

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