Your viewers deserve the best. Since you’ve managed to get them onto your site, why not encourage them to stay awhile? With the right web design, you will ensure a user-friendly experience for potential customers.  Webmax is the best web design company in Canada. Here are our quick practice tips for an easy to navigate website.

  1. Give Viewers An Experience They Expect

The best goal to have when organizing the structure of your site is to be predictable. Users don’t want to have to learn how to use your site. Your design and structure are where you can stand out from your competition but be wary of losing viewers on the count of complicated navigation.

  1. Be Consistent With The Navigation Design

Being consistent in your navigation design is the key to a user-friendly interface. The way that your homepage works should be similar to how the rest of your site is structured.

  1. Have Visible And Accessible Navigation

The idea is for users to know where to go to get in touch or find out what they need to know. There are several ways to ensure this. This includes having clearly marked buttons, pages and menus.

  1. Opt For Simple Navigation

Keep it simple. A typical design flaw for sites is opting to use a mega menu or sitemap approach. In theory, this will list all your pages for users, but do you want your users to have to make more than three clicks to get to the page they are interested in? Instead, two or three layers of navigation is more doable.

  1. Carefully Arrange Your Menu

Truthfully, there is no right or wrong way to organize your menu. However, it may depend on a few factors such as target demographics, your industry and the scale of navigation. The order of your site menu may need careful consideration to ensure the best browsing (and hopefully) purchasing experience.

For more in-depth strategy tips to make your site the best that it can be, get in touch with Webmax Marketing, one of the top website design Canada. Starting with ensuring a user-friendly experience for all users, having a robust navigation design for your site is a solid basis upon which to build a reliable sales-driving website.

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