Having professional web designers at the helm of your company site is a guaranteed way to optimize your digital presence. Having a stellar website design is as important as having an attractive storefront. The first thing that potential customers when they hear about you is search for you online. This is where professional services like SEO optimization will be to your benefit.

The Importance Of Professional Web Design

In modern times, not having an attractive, easy to navigate, informative site is an Achille’s Heel. We are all connected by various online platforms making data sharing a breeze. For those that haven’t gotten on board cannot hope to be found by their target consumers.

Think of it this way, your website is the first impression that a customer will have about your brand meaning that it’s wise to make it a good one. The fact of the matter is, 75% of your site users will judge your credibility based on your website design. This is where having a professional web design company in your corner will be highly beneficial to your profit margin.

94% Of User First Impressions Are Design-Related

Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes for a second, what would your first impression of your business be based on the company site?

38% Of Users Will Log Off If The Layout/Content Is Unattractive

Having a well-designed site will lead to more engagement with your company. Basically, if you go somewhere that looks nice, you’ll be more inclined to stay.

It Takes 0.05 Second To Form An Opinion

Users logging onto your website will only take a few moments to decide whether or not it’s worth giving you a chance.

39% Of Users Will Stop Engaging If Loading Takes Too Long

Time is money and if customers feel that their money is being wasted, they’re not very likely to stick around. This is where top-notch tech measures need to be taken which a professional web design team will know how to do.

These are just a few statistics that highlight the importance of having a professional-looking virtual storefront for your business.

If you’re looking for more reasons to hire a professional website design company, contact us here at Webmax Marketing and we’ll give you more stats and results.

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