In this day and age, social anxiety as well as social distancing is no longer seen as an act done by social outcasts, but rather the new normal. The less time we spend time in a crowded environment the better! But how has the internet and retail stores alike progressed to ensure we, as the social outcasts, can keep up to trend… in our pyjamas? Below the major benefits of shopping from our handheld.

Anytime, Anywhere and On Your Terms.

In a world where time matters and having the option to find the best price possible, online stores provide us with unlimited opportunities to ‘haggle’ and get the best deal possible. In the days before online stores, we would have to walk the mall end to end, spending hours of our valuable time just to realize the price of an item barely varied store to store. Returning, blistered and tired to the first store we visited made shopping a chore instead of the enticing experience we had wished for. Today, we can flip through different sites, with varying styles in a matter of minutes. All this can be done with the advice from our friends and family, in the comfort of our own home!

Saving You Money?

Put your hands up if you like spending more money than you need to after walking for five hours? No one? With features like Google shopping, consumers are able to search the best price point of that GoPro, that new dining table or the little black dress you have been eyeing. With promotions flooding our inboxes, who wants to pay full price?

No More Pushy Sales Staff!

Have you ever felt pressured into buying something you weren’t one hundred percent sure of due to the sales staffs’ impressive selling skills? Don’t worry you are not alone here. Buying online not only eliminates pressure purchases but impulse buying too. Having the opportunity to research customer comments may save you in purchasing an item with a high chance of defects, or that size six dress which should have been a size two.

In Our Opinion

Walking into a store may come across as daunting, you may feel insecure and under-researched. Having the option to carefully think through your purchases will significantly limit your impulse buys and in turn save you your well-earned Dollar. Adulting is tough, no matter your age. A trip for secret socks may end up being a $200 trip, because we are programmed to always want more. Shopping online allows for you to be you, without the guilt trip.

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