Victoria, BC (April 27, 2021) – When looking at marketing tools to boost your digital presence, you want the most effective ones to grow your reach and solidify your authority online.
There are five options that stand out above the rest as a route to success.

1. Websites
A most beneficial element is a website. As the main presentation of your brand to your online audience, a streamlined, effective and easy to understand website design will give your company a professional face and allow consumers to feel comfortable transacting with your organization.
Websites top the list because not only do they provide your audience with valuable information and meaningful service offerings, much of your overall marketing will depend on having a website to refer current and potential clients to.

2. SEO
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a way to ensure your site and pages are being displayed at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). Being the top result when users search for a company, service or product that is in line with your offering leads to more click throughs to your website. With a well implemented SEO strategy, you can ensure organic growth and increase your authority online. Webmax Marketing Inc. has been selected among the Top SEO Companies in Vancouver by Designrush

3. Social Media
Social media is another key element in the funneling of traffic to your website. It allows you to communicate directly with your audience in a space where they feel comfortable to engage on a more personal level. Social media is a fantastic area to grow a brand and align it with specific segments of the market because it captures a wide and diverse audience and lets you hone messages and increase conversions for your brand, especially across multiple social media platforms.

4. Pay Per Click
Pay per click is an interesting part of the online. While it offers a brilliant way to expand your reach and greatly boost the exposure of your site online, it can be seen to hurt organic growth. The best approach is an ideal balance of SEO and PPC that ensures both organic authority as well as the boosted paid exposure elements.

5. Print Media
Print media is a terrific way to support your online messages and serve the same, integrated approach to a wider audience. It may seem like a strange element to add to the list, but it plays an integral role in the mix of marketing activities. A thoughtful print strategy can bring you client connections and allow you to reach the segment of your audience that informs themselves with print and online activities.

At we were recently reminded of the power of print. Not only did we gain client connections from our recent presence in an industry specific print edition of Douglas Magazine and CanadianSME Business Magazine online and print edition, we gained an increase in overall traffic by making use of each channel.

These five tools will boost your digital marketing efforts, and when used together, they can create a fully integrated and professional strategy that enables you to capture your audience in a meaningful way.
Being strategic in selecting and using marketing tools can ensure you a direct and measurable path to success. Not only will you present a professional image within the online space, you will engage with your audience at every possible opportunity.

Susan Jones is the CEO/Founder of WebMax Marketing Ltd. ( where she and her team craft custom websites and build SEO strategies for Canadian small businesses. Susan has a broad range of experience in media and marketing.

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